The Transhuman Wager

Final Exam Project “The Transhuman Wager”, I have become Transhuman. I have upgraded myself. I have implanted a technological device that surpasses the biological boundaries of my body. From now on, my heart will reboot whenever it crashes. Technological advancement has made that possible. It gave us cyberspace, and the Internet. It gave us new The Transhuman Wager

Funerary Puppetry

Funerary Puppetry displays a combination of beliefs regarding the Roman funerary traditions. The choice of animation style was not coincidental: funerary traditions like these being merely a puppetshow, is a statement that in my opinion counts for a great deal for many contemporary traditions as well. This project was made in approximately 2 weeks, using Funerary Puppetry

High Court Retirement Gift

  Within the context of a retirement gift, an A3 version of the shadowportret has been been handed to High Court President dhr. mr. G.J.M. Corstens.