The Transhuman Wager

Final Exam Project

“The Transhuman Wager”,

I have become Transhuman. I have upgraded myself. I have implanted a technological device that surpasses the biological boundaries of my body. From now on, my heart will reboot whenever it crashes. Technological advancement has made that possible. It gave us cyberspace, and the Internet. It gave us new forms of reality, and it improved our social network. It gave us new forms of control. One day, it will give us actual A.I., bionic superpower and eternal life. It might seem both scary and impossible, but if you look at society today, you are already a part of this development.

Wooden cabin with multiplex painted black, covered with 320 20.33×20.33cm tiles painted white. 20 wood lasered icons by, painted white. Ipad air used to look at the illusionary animations and 3d illustrations, triggered by the black and white contrast patterns on the wall. Metaio Creator and Junaio viewer + toolbox used.

Location: KABK
Date: July 4th – July 9th, 2015


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