Virtual Liquidity

The idea behind the project Virtual Liquidity started after watching a tv-show called “De Verborgen Rekening”. It showed multiple interviews with important players in the political field, one being Saskia Stuiveling, president of our National Court of Audit. She stated that between 2006 – 2011, €53 billion out of €94 billion of government spending, has not been evaluated. After more investigation I came across their report “Effectiviteitsonderzoek bij de overheid”; a thorough follow-up research that held all the pieces of information that I needed for my project.

The original assignment was to create a visual interpretation of this years Miljoenennota. My project will not be about the Miljoenennota, it will portray a much more important aspect of our government’s financial schedule; the unevaluated past. In addition to that, my fascination for our virtual wealth was combined into one: a project that would portray a monstrous flow of virtual money that – in the end – did or did not even make a difference. This would obviously raise some questions, of which some would lead back to the origin of the assignment. One of these being exactly how important the Miljoenennota is, if more than half of the content is not thoroughly researched and evaluated?

However, my original intent was always about a feeling you will get by looking at this great amount of virtual liquidity. Nowadays, there’s so much money involved. The majority of it is not even visible. It’s written in binary and it will exist as long as we have electricity. I think it is interesting to actually “have a look” at this incredible amount, to raise awareness and to show a visual comparison to something we otherwise know nothing about. That’s my purpose for this project. Whenever people will put on the Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles and gaze upon this huge dataflow of Virtual Liquidity.



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