A virtual portrait of our personal perspective of the Court of Audit. We took paper as our main symbol to reflect on the amount of work the NCA produces and the variety of fields it monitors. Both in physical and digital form, their work is displayed as an A4 sheet of information.

We have chosen for the 3D Game medium because it is contemporary and attractive to the public and helps to investigate the complex world of the court of audit. Gaming has the quality to be interactive and informative at the same time, so viewers can easily relate to what the NCA is actually about. In order to show their important role in our society, we carefully chose subjects that are widely known and considered to be of both current and historical value. We show these subjects in the form of sculptures that the viewer can explore. As many other modern games, the PAPERWORLD is also built on the widely popular Unity game engine, that might require downloading an easily installable plugin. Navigating this world is done through the eyes of the viewer with the use of a keyboard for movement and mouse for observing the surroundings.

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